Jennifer Still

I have worked with the founder of RISE both personally and professionally over the last (13) years. I cannot sum up her commitment to the community with just one word – She is a philanthropist, a giver, a lover of all people, truly genuine, caring, and compassionate. From the first time I witnessed her organize an event for underserved young girls, to the time I saw her put together a fundraiser at the last minute to benefit children who were in the court system [showhide show_caption=”Read More”] and in need of advocacy/support, I knew then that no task was too large for her to tackle if it meant fulfilling the needs of others around her. As the founder and leader of RISE, she surrounds herself with others who are like-minded including her employees who spend a great deal of their personal time advocating for cancer patients, the homeless, children and families in need, and sometimes even the person or persons right next door. Anyone doing business with RISE is fortunate to have a team of people in their corner genuinely rooting for your success, because your success also means RISE gets to fulfill its heart work which is giving back to others with funding that would have otherwise gone to ‘big banks’ or ‘corporate conglomerates’.[/showhide]

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