RISE Strategic Group

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do ~ Steve Jobs

After 25+ years in financial services, business development, and relationship management, a group of like-minded people got together and decided that instead of following the standard corporate philosophy of ‘doing more with less’, we would help businesses do MORE with what they already had.

Using our intimate knowledge of how things worked behind the scenes in the “corporate world”, we began helping businesses uncover ‘lost’ revenue that stemmed from outdated pricing models, deceptive business practices, hidden fees, and irrelevant and antiquated programs, thus paving the way for those businesses to do MORE.

To date, RISE has helped recover over $83 million for businesses all over the country. In turn, those organizations use their newly found revenue to grow and prosper – helping their employees, shareholders, and communities along the way. RISE’s philanthropic philosophy also extends to our employees who generously donate their time and money to help schools, non-profits, small businesses, and those most in need.

In 2022, RISE laid the foundation for a non-profit called One° of Inspiration which is aimed at providing an outlet and resources for those who have experienced and/or are experiencing trauma. The organization, which will be funded in part by profits from RISE, is dedicated to providing inspiration, encouragement, and empowerment to individuals of all ages to improve their quality of life – one person at a time.

We genuinely believe in “making a paycheck while making an impact” and we look forward to doing business with others who share our same vision.